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Why Organic Fruit Baskets Make Better Gifts...

Here are 5 reasons why organic fruit baskets are the right gift choice

Give Fresh, Give Fruit!
1. Now they can be found in attractive hand packed fresh boxes, hampers and baskets. Tip: gifts in the hamper packaging have a tendency to have more fruit and make for a larger gift.
2. There are two places you can buy organic fruit baskets - in person in a store or online - Make it easy, order online and send all with a click of a button.
3. Green and earth friendly practices due to no chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in growing. Did you know that flowers, a common gift around Valentines Day, are putting tons of cancer causing pesticides into the soil and air. Just in California alone, growers dumped 800,000 pounds of an array of these chemicals into the earth...per year!
4. Studies have shown that people trying to loose weight might be able to shed a few more pounds just by switching to an organic diet! If your recipient is a health conscience person than they'll truly appreciate the thoughtful organic gift.
5. Organic fruit baskets are growing in popularity and have become the hot item - in fact more and more businesses are giving them as their corporate holiday gift or as employee appreciation gifts. The fact that organic is better for you translates to your clients, friends and family.

If you have decided that organic gifts are a good idea, you will be happy to know that everything that you will buy is of the best quality, and has a customer satisfaction guarantee!

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